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Having a Fenix flashlight by your side will mean that you never get caught without light when you need it most. Some of our most popular flashlights are our EDC, or everyday carry flashlights, but we also specialize in camping, hunting, tactical, and public safety flashlights. All Fenix flashlights are LED and the majority are USB rechargeable. We focus on a few core flashlight features here at Fenix: brightness, durability, and convenience. Find out why we are national leaders in the flashlight world and get a Fenix today.


A headlamp is an essential tool whenever you need hands-free light. Fenix makes headlamps designed to be lightweight enough for jogging and headlamps bright enough to light up the entire forest around you at night. We even make headlamps with detachable right angle flashlights because we know that when you’re trying to get something done, the less gear you need, the better. If you don’t already own a Fenix rechargeable headlamp now is the time to see why they are some of the most popular on the market.


Looking for a bright, easy light source for your next camping trip? Fenix lanterns are a majority rechargeable and designed to illuminate the area you need well. Our lanterns were not only built for performance though, but convenience as well. We have several models with magnetic bases and almost all are USB rechargeable for fast, easy power. With water resistance and features like red or directional light, our lanterns will have you covered for all of your camping lighting needs.

Bike Lights

Fenix’s well loved bike lights are extremely bright and have a diverse range of functions. You will never feel unsafe or unprepared on a night ride again. Most Fenix bike light models are USB rechargeable and can produce over 1000 lumens. Our bike lights also include helpful safety features like burst and flash lighting options and are water and dustproof rated. Our mission is to keep you focused on your ride, not worrying about your visibility. Try a Fenix bike light today.