New Fenix Products

Shop for brand new Fenix® products here. These are the newest flashlights, headlamps, camping lanterns and bike lights recently released by Fenix Lighting US. Bookmark this page and check here first for the newest product releases. Be sure to become a Fenix Member as well to be notified via email of the latest in lighting.


Always having the newest fenix flashlights means that you never have to worry about your gear being second best. Fenix is continually releasing new flashlights that will blow you away.

The Newest Fenix Flashlight is the Fenix HT30R Flashlight

Behold the latest and greatest flashlights from Fenix. Each year we push the envelope by producing LED flashlights with even higher lumen counts and more amazing special features. Check back often to see what we come up with next.


Fenix headlamps are second to none in usability, quality, and brightness. Keep your gear always up-to-date with Fenix’s newest headlamp releases.

The Newest Fenix Headlamp is the Fenix HP30R V2.0 Rechargeable Headlamp

New Fenix headlamps bring new possibilities. We are constantly looking for the next and greatest qualities to add to our headlamps while always delivering our renowned headlamp quality for both work and play.




Fenix products are arguably the best lights on the market, so it’s hard to believe they could get any better. Every year though we push ourselves to release new flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, and bike lights to bring that high performance to a new standard with every product. Fenix is determined to continually provide you with an even better light selection. These new and improved lights can’t be beaten with their reliability and durable build. Whether you buy Fenix lights for work or play you can always depend on them to be innovative and high quality. 

We will only continue to expand our catalog by creating new products to fill specific niches and to improve upon existing flashlights. Keep tabs on this page to be the first to know when we have new products rolling out. You can also sign up to receive emails about new lights by becoming a Fenix Member. No one wants to be second best, and by staying up to date with our newest lights, you won’t be.