Work & Professional

Fenix flashlights are designed to be work flashlights. From lanterns with magnetic bases to professional flashlights with clips and rugged designs, these LED lights offer convenient, hands-free, reliable lighting assistance to any job. Fenix’s high-output and performance lights will illuminate any working environment safely and efficiently.

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On The Job Lights

Choose from our wide variety of professional lights and work flashlights. Packed with user-friendly features, keep and use one of our high-quality lights on the job. With easily handling and operating features, our powerful, durable, and versatile lights are sure to provide you with the best light source. Choose a more heavy-duty work flashlight for maximum lighting or pick a more compact sized flashlight that will still offer an extremely high lumen output in a pocket-sized body. Need a hands free light source on the job? Pick one of our work headlamps that will rest steadily on your head while still providing you with ultra-bright light. No matter what light you choose, count on our work and professional lights to give you the best lighting on the job.

High-Quality Work Flashlights

Our work and professional lights category has a wide variety of high-quality work flashlights to choose from. Whether you are looking for an everyday carry sized flashlight for work, a tactical flashlight built for more extreme jobs such as law enforcement, or one of our brightest flashlights for maximum lighting, look no further. Pick from one of our work and professional lights for the best on the job lighting source. With a wide variety of different sized flashlights that serve different purposes, there is sure to be a Fenix flashlight perfect for you. Packed full of user-friendly features, far-reaching beams, and high lumen outputs, purchase a work and professional LED flashlight for on the job usage.

Versatile Headlamps

Our work and professional headlamps make your work that much easier with hands-free lighting. Versatile and durable, Fenix headlamps are equipped with extremely high lumens for the best hands-free light source so you can focus on working, not on holding a light. Built with comfortable, adjustable straps that rest sturdily on your head, Fenix’s work and professional headlamps are also ready for the extreme. Most rated IP68 dustproof and waterproof, count on your bright headlamp to provide you with light even in the most extreme weather. These heavy-duty headlamps were built for hard work so pick which one is best suited for you.

Reliable Lanterns

Fenix lanterns are some of the most reliable light sources available, so it’s no wonder they make great work lights. Our high-performance lanterns are equipped with LED bulbs so they have a longer-lasting, more energy-efficient, and brighter light. Incredibly reliable and durable, our lanterns offer users with convenient features such as magnetic bases for lighting that will stick to vertical surfaces and not get easily knocked around. Most are built with water resistance so count on your lantern to provide you with a high lumen output regardless of the weather. Additional features of some of our work and professional lanterns include discharging ports to conveniently recharge other electronics if necessary. 

Ultra-Bright Lights

Our work and professional lights contain not only the most high-quality, versatile, and reliable lights but also some of the brightest lights on the market. These incredibly high performing flashlights, headlamps, and lanterns can throw ultra-bright light astounding distances. Our work and professional lights are packed full of the brightest flashlights and the brightest headlamps. Regardless of what size light you need or are looking for, every Fenix light combines user-friendly functionality with incredibly bright light. With some of our brightest work lights throwing up to 12000 lumens, count on one of these high-lumen lights to provide you with the best light source when you are on the job. 

Heavy Duty Work & Professional Lights

Count on one of our work and professional lights to provide you with the best light source when you are on the job. From high-quality flashlights to versatile headlamps to reliable lanterns, decide which high-performance light will be best for you. Not only will our work and professional lights give you the brightest light source, but these lights are sure to withstand the most extreme weather conditions. So whether you work inside but need to illuminate dim areas, or you work outside with unexpected weather, these lights can handle it all. Count on our heavy-duty work and professional lights to give you the best light source on the job.