Camping Lanterns

Ranging from 165 all the way up to 650 lumens, Fenix all-season LED lanterns go beyond the limits of lantern power, portability, and versatility. Their wide range in lumens, mounting options, and output modes combined with their extremely compact size makes them the perfect tool for any outdoor night activity, and even for automotive assistance. Fenix even offers battery-operated lanterns as well. Shop the brightest lanterns on the market today.

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Fenix Lighting Camping Lanterns

Fenix Lightings camping lanterns are durable lights able to withstand extreme weather conditions while still offering a bright lumen output that reaches far distances. Packed full of user-friendly features, our lanterns were created to provide you with the brightest yet most convenient light when you are out in the woods. While these resilient lights throw bright light great distances, they are also extremely compact and lightweight making them easy lighting gear to bring along on your next trip. Fenix Lighting offers the best camping lanterns that come in different sizes, builds, and are equipped with different features. Decide for yourself which lantern best fits your campings needs.

High-Lumen Camping Lanterns

Fenix flashlights and headlamps are known for their high lumen outputs, but our lanterns also throw exceptionally bright light. With some of our brightest lanterns throwing up to 350 lumens, these reliable lights are sure to illuminate your entire campsite. Extremely compact for their high lumen outputs, our smallest lantern measures at only 3.09” yet can throw an incredible 200 lumens. With ranging light modes, decide for yourself which camping lantern has the lighting modes you prefer. These ultra-bright lanterns don’t stop there. With the ability to throw such bright light, our lanterns can also reach great distances. Our farthest-reaching beam can travel 115ft (35m). Light up your campground without worry of what might be out there with one of the brightest camping lanterns on the market.

User-Friendly Features

Fenix lanterns are packed with user-friendly features. From rechargeable functionality to magnetic bases to extremely long battery lives, these lanterns were designed to make your life easier. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, simply plug one of our rechargeable camping lanterns in with a type-C charging port and let your lantern regain its life. This convenient power source makes charging your light easier than ever before. Some of our lanterns even have a discharging port to charge your other electronic devices! Additional features of some of our camping lanterns include magnetic bases and hanging hooks to allow you to light up a variety of spaces. And finally, our lanterns have extremely long battery lives for light to last long into the night. 

LED Camping Lanterns

Long-lasting, extremely bright, and energy-efficient, our lanterns are all built with LED bulbs. These lanterns are incredibly reliable light sources and are sure to provide you with the brightest light for the longest amount of time. Due to the LED bulb, our camping lanterns are extremely lightweight. Their compact, portable, and durable build alone make them ideal to have around a campsite, and packing them for your next trip is extremely easy as they weigh incredibly light for the high lumens they emit. Perfect for camping trips, our LED camping lanterns will easily light up your campsite and won’t be a heavy hassle to bring along.

Extremely Durable Lanterns

Fenix LED camping lanterns not only light up entire areas, but they can endure extreme weather conditions as well. Rated IP68, IP66, and IPX-7, our brightest lanterns will provide you light despite unexpected weather conditions. With the ability to resist rain and dust, count on one of our camping lanterns to provide you with bright light in the midst of a storm or in a difficult climate. Fenix Lighting sells the best camping lanterns that are built not only for your satisfaction but also for your safety, so buy a Fenix camping lantern to ensure you have a reliable light source wherever you are. Durable, dependable, and extremely bright, count on a Fenix LED lantern.

All-Purpose Lanterns

Fenix’s lanterns are perfect to take on your next camping trip or to light up a task area, and their dependable, bright build also makes them the perfect emergency lights. Packed full of different features for different situations, these all-purpose LED lanterns can provide light for you in any situation. Bring one of our brightest camping lanterns on your camping trips, keep them in a lighting bug-out-bag kit, or have them in your car in case of emergency. Their high-lumen outputs, far-reaching beams, many user-friendly features, and durability prove that Fenix lanterns are the ultimate lanterns to have. Maybe the most reliable light source on the market, purchase an all-purpose Fenix camping lantern today.