Rechargeable Flashlights

Wondering what makes Fenix rechargeable flashlights stand out from the rest? These rechargeable flashlights were created with you in mind. They can be used on the job, as an everyday carry, for small jobs around the house, and even outdoor adventures. Not to mention, Fenix rechargeable flashlights are all bright LED lights, durable, and easy to operate. With their simplicity and user-friendly recharging, these flashlights will quickly become your favorite companion.

Easy USB Charging & Long Run Times

Fenix rechargeable flashlights not only conveniently charge via USB, but they also have impressive run times. You can plug these anywhere that you can plug in a USB, such as your vehicle, a standard outlet, and most portable power blocks. Many of our flashlights will even run over 100 hours on a single charge. You never need to worry about a flashlight dying on you unexpectedly again when you use a Fenix rechargeable flashlight.

High Lumen Flashlights

Not only are our LED flashlights rechargeable, but they are also extremely bright. Some of the brightest flashlights we offer produce over 10,000 lumens, and even our everyday carries can produce up to 1,500 lumens. Easily see what is in front of you or even light up the entire forest with these impressive flashlights.

Great Multi-Use Flashlights

Buy it for work, mount it to your firearm, keep it in your pocket, or even just add it to your collection. The versatility of Fenix’s rechargeable flashlights knows no limitation. With the durability and convenience of these easy-to-use rechargeable flashlights, you will find them coming in handy in any situation you are up against. Fenix flashlights are designed to last a long time and be easy to operate one handed.

fenix tk20 rechargeable flashlight usb rechargeable

Our Newest USB Rechargeable Flashlights